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high quality die-castings manufactured in Coimbatore/India

The manufacturing plant of our engineering and manufacturing partner RCPL is located in the south Indian city Coimbatore. It has machines ranging from 60t to 800t locking force with an annual melting capacity of over 6000t in high pressure die-casting line and having capacity of 250t in gravity die-casting line. RCPL can produce casting ranging in weight from 0,25kg to 7,5kg in PDC, from 50g to 75kg in GDC. complementary in-house facilities include vacuum impregnation, shot blasting, vibro-finishing and ultrasonic cleaning are under one roof.

         your advantages

  • long-term secure supply chain, politically and economically stable, transparent and with certifications for many industries (automotive, railway, aerospace)
  • express order service from Munich/Germany
  • family owned enterprise with more than 35 years of experience in die-casting
  • 520 highly qualified employees
  • high social and occupational safety standards, factory audits always possible
  • highly cost competitive due to much lower production costs in India (compared to Europe)
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