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PV - more than rooftop and utility-scale

The market in Europe is in high demand for smart PV-applications. Niche markets are becoming mainstream – we’ve realized many projects in the past years. Emerging markets are:

  • off-grid systems – this fast growing market is divided in several segments, from mobile off-grid applications for caravan and boat, small- and mid-scale island-systems for buildings and non-grid-connected facilities, to integrated PV-storage systems for special applications.
  • VIPV  – vehicle integrated PV is still a rather niche market but we see more upcoming projects in 2020 in Europe
  • BIPV – nearly declared dead, but building-integrated PV is making a comeback – thanks to new module technologies with aesthetic appeal and smart mounting and connection systems.
  • street furniture – PV-powerd off-grid advertising systems, public toilets, public information systems, bus shelters – the trend toward energy-self-sufficient facilities is fast-growing in Europe
  • environmental and traffic-control systems – another emerging niche market for integrated PV-storage systems
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