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green applications - new opportunities

the European market today

  • for a successful market entry into Europe, companies must offer not only products but green turn-key solutions
  • fast-growing demand, not only in the rooftop/utility-scale sector but also for off-grid systems and energy self-sufficient applications
  • COVID-19 incentive programs of the EU and European countries will facilitate greentech development
  • Europe has not yet a competitive PV or Li-ion battery industry

greentech from Asia today

  • ongoing currency depreciation in many Asian countries due to COVID-19 makes export business more attractive
  • large-scale production expansions of Chinese Tier-1 manufacturers announced for 2020 are bound to further reduce the price of PV products. Lower prices will not only boost the market in Europe but give you the opportunity to develop competitive PV and storage applications

aw solution competence

  • based on deep market analysis and application knowledge we help you develop solutions for a speedy and successful sales execution
  • targeted and cost-efficient go-to market strategies
  • connecting the dots¬† – we connect you with the right partners for market success
  • implementation including marketing, sales and distribution-network building
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